Jesus desires you to walk with Him through life’s journey and share your heart, its ups, downs, struggles and successes. He yearns for you to flourish and knows how to engage with you to see that happen. He welcomes you to interact with Him out of the rock solid foundation of His unfathomable love.

We're here to encourage you along your journey with Him, providing resources and avenues

for deepening your walk with Him.

What we offer...

Spiritual Formation

A process of being transformed by the love of God into the image of Christ.


Spiritual Formation is grounded in the truth that God is the one with the power to form and transform us. Through Scripture, prayer and community we can experience God’s presence, converse with him, know him and be known by him. It is through this ever deepening relationship with our triune God that he forms us more and more into the image of Christ.



The purpose of all this is for us to be unified with Christ and enjoy him; to rest in the fact that He loves us for just being us—not for what we do. Yet in God’s greatness, he also uses this transformation to give us a longing and ability to love and serve the world around us.



The use of spiritual practices helps us to remain open and receptive to God and his transforming work. The specific practices that most benefit your relationship with God will depend on your personality and season of life. Give yourself grace and time to explore the practices and rhythms that work best for you.

Here are a few of our favorite resources:

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"The Spiritual Disciplines give us ways of finding our way home to the heart of God, where we belong."


-Richard Foster

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