For Women

Velvet Ashes
Encouragement for women serving overseas--blogs, book clubs, online retreats
Thrive Connection
Providing care, resources, and community to encourage and empower Global Women to thrive.
Thrive Retreats
Retreats designed to encourage "Global Women to thrive through spiritual, emotional, and physical care."
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Published Journals on Spiritual Formation:


Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care

A peer-reviewed journal published by the Talbot School of Theology Institute for Spiritual Formation to advance the discussion of the theory and practice of Christian formation and soul care.

Conversations Journal

A Journal to provide spiritual accompaniment and honest dialogue for those who long for

radical transformation in Christ.

To Find or Become a Spiritual Director:

Christian Formation and Direction Ministries

Provides ongoing equipping, supervision, community, evaluation and resources for spiritual directors.

Spiritual Directors Network

"...a community of spiritual directors who offer spiritual direction as a Christ centered ministry."

Leadership Transformations
Resources for both leaders and teams related to spiritual direction, spiritual health assessment, spiritual formation, and sabbatical planning.
Soul Care
A blog and other resources to help individuals learn to care for their souls.
"If we each would take the time to care for our souls, the entire world really would be transformed."
Potters Inn
Potters Inn
A website designed to care "for the Soul of Leaders in Ministry and the Marketplace
for the Sake of Others"
Videos, articles, books, retreats.
"...founded by Celebration of Discipline author Richard Foster to help people pursue renewal in Christ through relationships, retreats, and print and online resources."
Includes a book club and resources to start a spiritual formation small group.
Anam Cara
Resources for going deeper in your spiritual journey, including information on
individual and group spiritual direction.
Institut for Spiritual Formation
"A Christian, evangelical, academic community within...offering master's programs in Spiritual Formation & Soul Care and dedicated to
deepening the life of prayer and openness of the heart to God."
New Way Ministries
Resources from psychologist and author Larry Crabb.
Transforming Center
Transforming Center
Retreats and trainings as well as online resources and communities to strengthen "the souls of pastors, Christian leaders, and the congregations and organizations they serve.
Spiritual direction, resources for spiritual formation as teams, online courses, and more.

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