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The practice of coming alongside another person to listen with them to what God is saying and doing in their life as they journey with Him. Sessions last up to one hour. They include the directee sharing and the director listening and asking questions to notice the Spirit’s transforming work with times of prayer and silence as the Spirit leads. (This is not a counseling, mentoring or life-coaching session.)




This is a personal retreat you plan and take on your own with one added feature: you'll meet with someone before (and possibly after) your retreat. The purpose of these meetings is to help you listen to God and discern His invitation to you for the day of retreat and for moving forward after the retreat.



For those feeling stuck or wanting more in their relationship with God, this is a singular session to listen with you for God’s current calling/invitations in your life. The goal is to help you grow your awareness of the Spirit's transformational work in your life and come up with 1-2 practical ideas to adjust or supplement your current spiritual practices (or what you are expecting from them). Optional follow-up meeting 1-2 months later.


The Spiritual Life Team

Equipping one another to embrace and respond to the
transformational presence of God in our lives, relationships, and ministries.




Jonathan has been ministering in Latvia since 1993 in leadership training, prayer, counseling and marriage ministry.  His passion is to see believers and especially leaders flourish in their walk with the Lord, family and ministry.  He desires to be a Barnabas to Pauls and a Jonathan to Davids. He has coached others in spiritual growth for some years and  joined a formal two year spiritual direction training in 2019. 

     "I have thoroughly enjoyed the learning process and coming alongside others in their spiritual journey with the Lord!"

Jonathan offers Spiritual Direction, Individual Guided Retreats, and Spiritual Life Consultations.

Time Zone: EET and CT



During my years as a Worship Arts pastor and a missional church planter I have experienced God's leading in the process of transformation, spiritual identity, Biblical story-formed life and 'organic' missional living.  My life calling and passion is to be part of people's growth process (and also explains my enjoyment of gardening, landscaping and personal fitness and health.).  My early years as a classroom teacher developed my abilities to come alongside people and help see opportunities for their maturity which I've now been putting to use as I listen to and converse with God and people as a Spiritual Director since 2019.

Steve offers Spiritual Direction, Individual Guided Retreats and Spiritual Life Consultations.

Time Zone: GMT


(Steve's Website)



Lena has worked in several locations around Europe, most recently Germany. She enjoys learning new things about spiritual formation and finding new ways of connecting with God and is excited to help provide others with similar opportunities.

Lena offers Individual Guided Retreats.

Time Zone: MT



Joy has been ministering in France since 2004 with small groups, women’s Bible study and prayer groups, one-on-one mentoring, and spiritual direction. Her passion is to equip others to go deeper in their relationship with Jesus. She lives north of Paris with her husband, Thad, and 4 children - Addi, Zac, Wes and Lucas.

Joy offers Spiritual Direction, Individual Guided Retreats, and Spiritual Life Consultations.

Time Zone: CET



Doug holds a DMin in Spiritual Formation and a Certificate in Spiritual Direction. With GEM since 1990, he has facilitated church planting efforts in Poland and across Europe. Now he lives Germany with his wife, Lisa, implementing GEM’s Focus City initiative. Their children, Megan and Michael, continue pursuing their college educations. Doug enjoys movies, outdoors, and sports.

Doug offers both Spiritual Direction and Individual Guided Retreats.

Time Zone: CET


(Doug's Website)



Angie has been serving in foreign missions with her family since 2008.  The first 6 years were spent in Honduras, Central America.  After joining GEM, she and her husband, Pete, spent two years in Kandern, Germany. Now they live and serve north of Paris in Lamorlaye, France.   She is gifted administratively and enjoys using these gifts on the Spiritual Life Team.  She is also excited to be pursuing Spiritual Direction.  Pete & Angie have five children and nine grandchildren.

Angie offers Spiritual Direction, Individual Guided Retreats, and Spiritual Life Consultations.

Time Zone: CET


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Partnering with us:

Others who offer Spiritual Direction and/or Individual Guided Retreats.




I was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH and since becoming a Christian as a teenager, God has set it on my heart to love people and to see the Church grow in maturity. I currently serve in a local church in London, UK and love seeing Christ connected with everyday aspects of life (food, music, art, sport, culture) to see the Kingdom flourish on Earth as it is in Heaven. I moonlight as a professional specialty coffee barista from time to time.

Leslie offers Individual Guided Retreats.

Time Zone: GMT



God said "If you seek me. You will find me." (Jeremiah 29:13)  I took this promise from Jeremiah with me to Romania in 2006  and he has not failed me.  As I seek Him, I have a growing passion to help others seek Him. 

Karen offers Individual Guided Retreats.

Time Zone: EET



I came to Austria wanting to disciple the Austrian. But God first had to reveal to me how much of my own heart was not transformed. I’ve been ministering for years now to wounded, broken Austrians through a ministry called, „Hope for the Wounded“. And it has connected me to my own „inner world" — the place where my emotions dwell. I’m still learning to let Jesus into this inner world as I practice several spiritual disciplines that help me invite Him in. When I do, I almost always discover what He wants to tell me: That I am deeply loved by Him. 

Lisa offers Individual

Guided Retreats.

Time Zone: CET



I love to disciple, mentor and encourage young women in their intimacy with Jesus and to help them live a flourishing life in His Kingdom.  A part of that is helping them hear the Spirit of God through the Word of God and to obey all He says. I enjoy attending guided spiritual retreats and desire to help others see the importance of taking them.

    I am also a  spiritual director which means I come along side another listening to them share their spiritual journey, helping them pay attention to God’s presence, voice, and activity in their life, deepening their awareness of the invitations He is extending to them.

Lisa offers both Spiritual Direction and Individual Guided Retreats.

Time Zone: CET



As a GEM-K and a missionary the past 30 years, I find that I still have so much to learn about Jesus and my heavenly Abba. My life is all about taking a day, a minute, a moment at a time and setting it before God and waiting for His invitation. God’s invitation usually involves letting things go and coming to Him who loves me infinitely. I have a certificate in Spiritual Direction and enjoy sitting with people and helping them listen for God’s still small voice. 

Debby offers both Spiritual Direction and Individual Guided Retreats.

Time Zone: CET



Since 2017 Bob has been serving with his wife Kathie in England, west of Birmingham, where their primary ministry is providing pastoral care to GEM missionaries. Together they have been with GEM since 1992. Bob earned his MDiv from Denver Seminary, and is in formal training as a spiritual director. His delight is in seeing people grow in their ability to walk with God and respond to his voice.

Bob offers both Spiritual Direction and Individual Guided Retreats.

Time Zone: GMT


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