“...a way for you to be with God and your thoughts, not an exercise in language arts. Tell the truth to God and yourself as best you can.” 


-Adele Ahlberg Calhoun

by Luci Shaw

"...writ­ing a jour­nal reg­u­lar­ly will enrich, nour­ish, mature, heal, devel­op, broad­en, enhance and trans­form you. No doubt about it, if you become a con­sis­tent jour­nal keep­er, you will change and be changed."

by Richard J. Foster

"Few things can nudge us toward God more than the keeping of a prayer journal. "

by David Mathis

"What if journaling wasn’t simply about recording the past, but preparing for the future? And what if, because of God’s grace in our past and his promises for our future, journaling was about deepening your joy in the present?"


Examples of prayer journaling from Augustine, Julian of Norwich, and Blaise Pascal

Helen Cepero

A tips for starting and themes to try when keeping a spiritual journal.

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