The Spiritual Life Team is pleased to announce that we are now offering two different retreats.  The current one focuses on Invitation to Relationship (between you and God) and the new one focuses on Discerning the Will of God.  You do not have to attend one to go to the other.  We look forward to seeing you at one or both of the retreats!

  • Discerning the Will of God

    (Villa Palazzola, Rome)

    October 5-9,


  • Spiritual Life Retreat

    (Villa Palazzola, Rome)

    February 8-12, 2021

  • Spiritual Life Retreat

    (Camp des Cimes, France)

    May 17-21,



*Please note dates include one day of travel on each end with a solid 3 days for the retreat.

General details about the Spiritual Life Retreats:

  • There will be some large group and small group times, but the focus of these retreats is for you to have time with God. (We will offer resources for these reflection times. )

  • The retreats are for three full days with arrival the day/evening before and departures the morning after.

  • The cost is 290 euros. Scholarship funds are available. 

  • Accommodations: we look for retreat centers that have an access to nature and where each participant can have their own room. Sometimes bathrooms are shared. 

  • The retreats are kept small—not more than 20 people including the facilitators. 

  • Click here if you are interested in attending a future Spiritual Life Retreat.


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