“Sabbath is a way of life (Heb 4:3; 9-11). It is simply "casting all your anxiety on Him," to find that in actual fact " He cares for you" (1 Peter 5:7). It is USING the keys to the Kingdom to receive the resources for abundant living and ministering.”

-Dallas Willard

by Lynn Baab

"More than any other faith discipline I have engaged in, the sabbath has taught me grace. God has given us good work to do, steward the universe in all kinds of ways alongside God. Our work is noble and important, but even the best and most fruitful work can nudge us towards the belief that we are earning the good things we have. We can so easily fall into the trap of believing that God loves us for what we do."

by Ruth Haley Barton

"There is something deeply spiritual about honoring the limitations of our existence as human beings—physical beings in a world of time and space.  There is a peace that descends upon our lives when we accept what is real rather than always pushing beyond our limits and boundless joy that comes from delighting in God and God’s good gifts."

by Richella Parham

"When we prac­tice the dis­ci­pline of rest, oth­ers may ques­tion us, and we may doubt our­selves. But at its heart, prac­tic­ing the dis­ci­pline of rest is an act of trust: a state­ment of con­fi­dence in God and his pro­vi­sion for us, for our loved ones, and for the work God has giv­en us to do."

by Mark Buchanan

"I still move too fast. Still listen poorly. Still grow impatient over minor things. Yes, yes, I know, I’m sorry. But please, imagine how much worse I would be if I were not also a Sabbath-keeper."

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