Scriptural Disciplines

Set aside all tendencies toward arrogance and with a humble heart receive the word addressed to you. 

-Richard Foster

by Jan Johnson

"Trying to be good doesn’t work because such efforts are about us, not about Christ. What works better is connecting with God in deeper ways that allow God to “work in you to will and to act according to his good purpose” (Phil. 2:13)."

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by Joy O'Byrne

​Includes guides for individuals and groups.

by Kim Hames

A description of one woman's first attempt at doing Lectio Divina.

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by Jan Johnson

"When we put words in God’s mouth, we replace an encounter with the living, productive, penetrating Word of God with our own ideas. We sacrifice relationship with God and settle for the mechanical thought patterns of our culture or our still-being-trans-formed selves. How much more exciting it is to be alert to the dramatic unfolding of “the life that really is life” by welcoming the influx of God’s life into our own..."

by Jan Johnson

" we hear God speak to us in Scripture (even in non-religious, everyday moments), God’s words and ideas invade our mind until we begin thinking more the way God thinks. God’s ways rub off on us."

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by Lynne Baab

"...we place ourselves in a Biblical story, we try to imagine what we might see, smell, feel, and hear...and consider the ways our lives would be changed if we heard Jesus say those words to us."

by Brandon J O'Brien

"From beginning to end, the Bible calls us to adopt a sanctified imagination that helps us look beyond our own experience."

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