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The Ultimate Kingdom

“In the beginning God…” (Genesis 1:1, NAS95)

Over the years these four words have blossomed in my heart and life. God has had me in a conversation that continues to this day. What motivated God to create? What kind of God would create? For what purpose would the God that does exist want to bring anything else into existence?

The answers that God has given point to an everlasting One who overflows with phenomenal joy, ecstatic humility and rambunctious love. Yes, love! But God defines love, so apart from knowing Him, I cannot know love.

So, God, because of His love, creates, pointing to the amazingly fecund Person He is, hidden in comprehension, invisibly present to all, who self-reveals, yet remains infinitely mysterious to the finite. Okay, yes, that’s a bit much. The simple version points to God as One thrilled to give Himself away to us, which He did most fully in Jesus. God’s joy in Himself invites us through Jesus to enter that very same joy. By the way, the Kingdom into which He invites us has joy as its lavish feel and taste. It is good. It is ultimate—maybe I should say unshakable (Heb. 12:27-28) and eternal (2 Pet. 1:11).

Around 2009 God started this conversation with me. I can’t escape it and it continues to deepen. I wish I could relate it all. What does it do for me? Well, even as I write, right now, I feel immense pleasure about Him. I stand amazed—and I have no other word for it—at the God who exists. Personally, in my wildest and most extravagant dreams, I could not possibly imagine a better God, much less a god like the One who actually exists. As such, I want to live in His Kingdom, not because it is eternal, but because He is there. And that Kingdom invisibly permeates everywhere I am, if I just attend to His Spirit with me (and in me).

Jesus spoke of this Kingdom more than anything else. To that Kingdom He invited us. I want to learn how to live there today, how to remain in His love, and to experience His abiding in me (1 John 4:16). So, by His grace, I want to continue to learn how to live in His Kingdom, the ultimate Kingdom, as Jesus modeled, because there I receive the greatest gift, God Himself (Heb. 11:6). In the beginning God! Wow!

Warmly in Christ, Doug Mitts

For Reflection: “I am the LORD, and there is no other; Besides Me there is no God.” (Isaiah 45:5, NAS95)

  1. How intentional are you at getting to know God? How does your calendar reflect relationship with Him as a priority?

  2. What experience(s) do you carry in your soul of a deep sense of God acting with You for His Kingdom purposes?

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