Spiritual Friendship

by Daniel McGraw

"There’s an aspect of ministry that I never heard about until I entered its ranks. It lurks among us, picks us off one by one, and leaves us feeling vulnerable, lost, and alone. It affects almost every minister I know, and yet it was never mentioned in seminary and hardly ever among the groups of ministers with whom I associate. I believe that more ministers succumb to this problem than almost any other. That feeling is loneliness."

by Timothy Keller

(topic of spiritual friendship introduced on page 2)

"...the gospel of Jesus Christ does not simply send you deeper into the heart of God than you ever thought you would go, or deeper into the heart of the hurting world than you ever thought you would go, but it sends you deeper into the heart of other brothers and sisters in Christ, giving you profundity and intimacy of relationships beyond anything you ever thought was possible with any other human being."

by Bill Gaultiere

"The joy of soul talk among disciples of Jesus is that God “shows up.” Of course, he was present all along! but in spiritual conversation we are better able to appreciate God’s loving presence and wise guidance. Don’t you long for more heart-to-heart conversation with a soul friend?"

by James M Houston Ph.D.

"A spiritual friend is therefore needed, to awaken my heart out of the sleep of conventionalized, institutionalized, professional ways of our ‘normal existence,’ to so individuate me that I can take the first serious step in personal prayer."

by Bill Gaultiere

"Without a friend who feels our hurt, stress, and longings with us our souls shrivel up and die."

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